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Monogram OtterBox® iPad Defender

OtterBox Defender Ipad Mini Cases
Customize Your Own from $ 134.99

OtterBox® Defender iPad AIR Cases
Customize Your Own from $ 134.99

OtterBox® Ipad 2,3,4 Defender Cases
Customize Your Own from $ 134.99

We are approved and authorized by OtterBox® to offer their fabulous cases personalized for you.  Please note, OtterBox® has now authorized Lipstick Shades, an approved reseller of OtterBox® cases, to customize and print on their Defender® phone case series!  Shop with confidence our exclusive authentic Monogrammed OtterBox® from an authorized reseller to ensure you are getting the OtterBox® brand protection you are paying for.

OtterBox® approves their authentic Defender® phone cases for personalization by Lipstick Shades.

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